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The King Tide


After a devastating storm, a fishing village discovers a baby awash on their island shore. Miraculously the baby is unharmed and the townspeople soon discover why - he radiates an energy that heals anyone in his vicinity. Beau, the mayor of the village, believes his people have been chosen to raise the boy in the mould of their own morality.  But only seven years later, the townspeople become obsessive and Beau has to implement rules to protect the boy.


The island that Beau once believed was the perfect environment for a boy to become a man, deteriorates into a tense and secretive community.  The town’s obsession evolves into a religious cult that conspires for power and control.  And Beau knows that if he can’t bring his people back from their corruption, the boy’s power could turn deadly. 

ORIGIN is a psychological thriller about the philosophical construction of purpose and how dangerous that can be.  


Written by Kevin Coughlin & Ryan Grassby

Produced by William Woods

It Ain't Easy

Logline:  Led into the surreal world of the Outskirts, a young man’s traditional philosophies about life must radically shift when he learns the woman he loves sells her body to sustain her community.


Synopsis:  Spreading his father’s ashes deep in the Ontario wilderness, Hunter (20s) stumbles upon a tattooed transient who leads him to the Outskirts - a place existing on the margins of reality. They are met onshore by a raucous funeral celebrating the passing of a man from the hedonistic community. Lou (20s) performs the ceremony and mesmerizes Hunter with her passion and graceful acceptance of her friend’s recent death. Hunter and Lou soon fall for each other and although they share a bed, Hunter denies his true feelings, afraid of yet again losing someone he loves. But unbeknownst to Hunter, the Outskirts is sustained by the exchange of sex for goods brought to the village by trusted traders. When Hunter catches Lou in the act with a crewman from the legendary Wayfair, he is consumed with grief.  Annoyed by the intrusion, the sailor then attacks Hunter, but during their struggle dies in a tragic accident.


Afraid of persecution from the angry crew members, Hunter flees to the Outskirts bush, alone and without supplies. Unable to sustain himself in the wilderness, Hunter’s health quickly diminishes. Roman, captain of the Wayfair, discovers Hunter near death on a sandy shore and takes the young man aboard. Once Hunter regains consciousness, he realizes he won’t see Lou again until the Wayfair returns to the Outskirts the following year.  Hunter has no other choice than to join the crew, adopt their culture, and put aside his fears - eventually gaining the sailors’ respect.  Under the guidance of Roman, Hunter abandons his indoctrinated philosophies from his previous life, and becomes a man of the Outskirts.  But when the Wayfair returns the next year, and Roman passes away - Hunter must decide between captaining the Wayfair or staying in the Outskirts with his love, Lou.


Written by Greg Calderone & Andrew Calderone

Produced by William Woods

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