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Written and Directed by Chris Dymond
Produced by Mallary Davenport and William Woods
Starring Greg Calderone, Elyse Levesque and Michael Xavier


Distributed in Canada by Entertainment One

US and all International territories still available


Thompson Doinel wants to meet the girl of his dreams but his eccentricities and social awkwardness make him unattractive to most women. Except Lola, a beautiful young woman who Thompson believes he can finally share an honest relationship with. But Thompson doesn't realize that Lola is hiding a tragic secret — she's homeless. IN RETURN is the story of a young man's pursuit of love. His journey reveals that the ultimate goal of any life is to connect with the people that matter to us most - and in this way, find true love. Thompson's journey acts as a sincere reminder that casual relationships are not nearly as important to us as the relationships we all put effort and care into. Love is given and hopefully it’s return.

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