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In Return

Thompson Doinel wants to meet the girl of his dreams but his eccentricities and social
awkwardness make him unattractive to most women. Except Lola, a beautiful young
woman who Thompson believes he can finally share an honest relationship with. But
Thompson doesn't realize that Lola is hiding a tragic secret — she's homeless. IN
RETURN is the story of a young man's pursuit of love. His journey reveals that the
ultimate goal of any life is to connect with the people that matter to us most - and in
this way, find true love. Thompson's journey acts as a sincere reminder that casual
relationships are not nearly as important to us as the relationships we all put effort and
care into. Love is given and hopefully it’s return.



Directed by Chris Dymond

Written by Chrs Dymond

Starring Greg Calderone, Elyse Levesque and Michael Xavier 

Produced by William Woods and Mallary Davenport

Distributed in Canada by eOne



The Manifesto

In 1991, Vanessa Robbins is in need of a job. She decides to joins Watersilk Bottling
Co. despite her concerns with the ethics of the company. Her first assignment – hit the
road to a remote Northwest farm to test water purity. At the farm, the crew stumbles
upon a decrepit old barn, where Vanessa finds a mysterious essay written by Bill
Kiarksi. Vanessa fervently reads the Manifesto and is impressed with Bill’s passion
and perspective. Under the essay’s influence, she begins to oppose Watersilk’s plan to
develop surrounding area. However, Bill is still squatting in the area and has discovered
Watersilks development plan. Furious, Bill begins attacking the crew one by one.



Directed by Dan Palermo & Mike Palermo

Written by William Woods

Starring Jessica Vano, Ry Barrett and Marcus Haccius

Produced by WIlliam Woods

Currently in Post-Production

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