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Relax, I'm From the Future

Percy Sullivan's suicide attempt gets interrupted by a man claiming to be from the future.

Directed by Luke Higginson

Written by Luke Higginson

Produced by William Woods

Starring Zachary Bennett & Rick Roberts

Saturday Night Special


On his 25th birthday, The Kid, is experiencing an existential crisis. He strikes up a conversation with The Bartender,and end up drinking together.  But when The Bartender goes to make sure everything is cleaned up for the night, he returns with a .38 Special Snubnose Revolver, also known as a "Saturday Night Special". The two speculate where the gun could have come from, and continue to drink, which makes things quite chaotic once the Kid picks up the gun.

Directed by Devin Myler & Connor Marsden

Written by Andrew Calderone & Greg Calderone

Produced by William Woods 

Starring Greg Calderone a & Stephen Bogaert

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