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In the early 90’s the American people were under attack from an anonymous killer who mailed bombs across the country in retaliation to the media’s refusal to publish his Manifesto – an essay defending the natural world. 



In 1991, Vanessa Robbins is in need of a job.  She decides to join Watersilk Bottling Co. despite her concerns with the ethics of the company. Her first assignment – hit the road to a remote Northwest farm to test water purity.  At the farm, the crew stumbles upon a decrepit old barn, where Vanessa finds a mysterious essay written by Bill Kiarksi.  Vanessa fervently reads the Manifesto and is impressed with Bill’s passion for protecting the natural world.  Under the essay’s influence, she tries to rally a coup against the Watersilk project manager.  However, Bill is still squatting in the area and has much more sinister ideas of how to stop Watersilk’s development.  Using his intelligence and knowledge of the area to his advantage, he begins killing the Watersilk crew one by one leaving a bloody massacre in his wake. 


Directed by Mike Palermo & Dan Palermo
Written by William Woods
Produced by William Woods

Executive Produced by André Bharti

Starring Jessica Vano, Ry Barrett and Marcus Haccius






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